How to prepare for your hair trial

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I frequently get asked what to expect and how to prepare for your hair trial. By preparing you will get the most out of your hair trial . I also will have direction to start with and together we will be able to create your perfect look for your wedding day.

Start by looking for inspiration on the sort of look you want. This includes taking into account your dress and theme. You can get great inspiration off Pinterest, Google or maybe look though my page for styles I have created.
You can start by collecting lots of looks you love and bringing them along to your hair trial.

Biggest questions I get is when should I wash my hair before my hair trial or wedding day?

I always advise my brides and bridal party to wash there hair the day before but if you prefer to wash your hair on the morning of wedding day that’s no problem.

On your trial go clean and product free, so wash your hair day before (so it has time to regain its natural oils)
If you need to do a little taming with a straightener or curling iron thats ok but its best your hair is as natural as possible .

Choosing your hair accessories

Thinking about wearing a bridal tiara, hair slide or flowers?

There is lots of choice out there and can be a big decision.

I would advise once you have found your dream wedding dress it than will be time to pair it with the perfect accessories. Look for accessories that are in line with your personal style as well as your look and feel of your wedding. Your bridal hair accessories should complement your personal style and complete your wedding day look .

Your trial may last a couple of hours or a couple of visits until we find your perfect style and your happy with your chosen style.

The morning of your wedding is your perfect opportunity to enjoy some well deserved pampering by having your hair and make-up done. so by having a trial you will feel more relaxed and happy and be able to sit back knowing how your hair will look on your wedding day.

I’m a true believer that your stylist should be there for you from the day you book till your wedding day, so please any questions please feel free to ask

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